The peaceful Drabje (Tsechur) is associated with the Sagadawa festival. Celebrating the birth and enlightenment of the Buddha. This event is celebrated with the Guru Senge Cham (Guru Rinpoche Lama dances). These traditional elaborately costumed dances are performed by about 80 lamas, and take up a good part of the day. The Giant Karma Gadri applique is shown the following day. Now the more complex Tsechur Drachey has started. This is the companion piece of that giant applique. The drawings are now complete and this last piece of Tsurphu's applique collection will soon be fully restored. It will be made in India and supervised by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. The measures are 40 x 2 meters.

This project has the support of His Holiness and Tsurphu Monastery.