I began learning Tibetan art from the late Master Artist Jampa Tsedan in Nepal 1966.
I practiced drawing the sacred geometry for several years before I started painting.
Beginning this work first with Jampa-la, then Ven. Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche in Simla.
The Ven.Tsulshig Rinpoche sent Pargyaltsen the Sherpa artist to teach me colors.
He and Dolpo Pema Wangyal lived with me for many years in Kathmandu and Solu.
I learned from them Tsang and Karma Gadri styles and techniques of painting.
I also spent much time with the artist Siddhi Muni Sakya learning about Newar art. 
Much have I to thank them for, their generosity, patience, friendship, and wisdom.