The White Conch Factory was the earliest sewing factory after the 1959 Chinese occupation of Tibet. Terris and Leslie have worked together with this mainly female team since 1992 0n the Tsurphu appliqué projects.

The White Conch Factory closed in 2008 as Lhasa has seen big changes with the new population of Chinese moving to Lhasa with economic incentives. This is now a historic section, of a very special community keeping precious its art and culture. It was a really wonderful experience being connected with our team.

The Gutor Festival is to clear up obstacles for the coming new year. The day is filled with lama dances dedicated to Mahakala. The culmination of the unvieling of Tsurphu’s giant Mahakala Thangka. Lama dances are a major part of the public ceremony’s, these ritual dances help along with extensive month long practises cleanse the Tibetan New Year.

The gallery below contain photos compliments of Chris Lowenstein (Living Films, Chiang Mai, Thailand).

As well as products made by the White Conch Factory team, including, appliqué, elaborate festival tents, traditional Tibetan costumes, and thangkas. (Located in Lhasa, Tibet, China).